Thanks for reading the rules. These rules are for our solo servers only.

Solo says everything, it is solo. If you think on any kind grouping it is not solo, please look for other server.

Administrators are very active to make sure everyone is playing solo and to find if anyone is cheating.


Our servers are normally low pop servers. Most players on these servers work or are at school and cannot play 24/7. For that reason if you are a player that pays 24/7 and go raid lots of bases, please find a high pop server and play 24/7 in there.
Having just one player that plays 24/7 and offline raid everybody just upset all players and makes the server population go down to zero in no time.
We understand that from time to time you will have more time to play and that will be fine you may play 24/7, what we will not allow is 24/7 players that do offline raids on everyone on the servers.


- If you get teaming, grouping on any form, building help, player boosting, sharing (codelocks, locks, furnaces, boxes...) , anything that is not solo, cheating or hacking, you will be ban on the first time, no questions asked. Bans are forever unless owner is ok with an specific player ban remove.
If two or more players are inside the same base at any time for any reason and are not shooting each other until one is left, all players will be ban, no questions asked.
- Fight by yourself.
- No kind of help farming, slaves or so.
Many players are recording the game all the time. We will accept recordings as prove of teaming.
Normally there are no warnings before a ban.
KOS is NOT obligatory. If you down someone you can pick up him back. If you kill someone you can give his loot back, only to him. Kill someone and give his loot back does not create a disadvantage to others.


Bunker bases that use exploits like roof loot room, stability exploit, door push, exploits that make walls disappear are not allowed and will be removed from the server when found. On bus stop is not allowed to put anything behind the bus stop window, but you can build a bus stop base. Starting 5/2/2019 cave bases CANNOT have the main entrance walled, if walled admin will put the wall down.
NO WINDOWS CAN BE USED AS CORRIDOR DOORS. Bases that to go in you need to remove windows and before you log off you put all windows back is not allowed, we will remove all windows and windows frames.

NO CODELOCKS are allowed, use only keylocks, is solo anyway, you do not need to give keys to others, the player that put the lock on the door do not need to carry a key, just lock the door. There are 1,000,000 different keys now, is easier to guess codes on codelocks than do a key raid.

Be very careful with trades, nobody wants to do bad trades, then that is it.
All trades must be discuss in game chat for everyone, including the admin, to see. If admin gets players exchanging resources with no previous discussion is most likely a ban, or if the exchanged resources do not match the chat discussion is also most likely a ban.
Keep trading with the same player is not allowed.
Players that make some kind of interaction are followed very closely.
Remember your trade today could be your base raided tomorrow.
Note: If player A and B are trading (example using player A front shop) , if a player C comes and kill player B and get the loot, player A can kill player C and that will not be teaming. Player A can give the items traded to player B or keep it all, is at player A discretion.

Vending Machines:
Must have direct access, they cannot be put inside bases where the owner opens and close the doors for access. If found the admin will put down the walls to give access to the vending machine.

Unfriendly Neighborhood:
You do not need to kos your neighbors all the time, but a too friendly neighborhood, where nobody kos the neighbors but kos everyone else will be called teaming. Be careful with friendly bases visits (this is an automatic ban), neighborhood meetings, neighborhoods where some players have very small bad bases or no bases at all but are always farming and playing... If we get complains of the area plus circumstantial evidence we may ban all players involved in that. Then if you really want to play solo just do that please.

Raided bases/Griefing:
You CANNOT share, give, tell others to come to get the left over or sell the raided base (or any base) to anyone in any form. You can grief the base while you still raiding it or if you are going to use the base for yourself, meaning have decent amount of loot on it and keep using it.
If you are not going to use the base please remove the grief, grief for the purpose of just grief is bad for server population and any grief will be removed at the admin discretion.
If your base was griefed contact the admin.

Helping fresh spawn:
You are allowed to ONLY GIVE food and water. You cannot give or receive any kind of weapon, tools, clothing, amour, resources, ammo.... Give or receive anything that is not food or water is an automatic ban.

Player leaving the server:
If you want to leave the server to wait for the next wipe or so, you cannot give anything away to anyone. Just leave your base, players with the time may raid it, that is the game. If you receive a base you will also be banned.

New Player:
Two days after wipe a new player on the wipe (can be an old player on the server but just starting late on the wipe) will receive a small kit to have a bit better start on the wipe. You need to ask the admin and type the 4th and 2nd letters of your steam nickname, that means you have read this. Example nickname  abcdefg, "admin send me tools 'db'".

Discord and others:
You cannot use any talking site to communicate to other players in the server.

Simple rule:
Simple rule, ask yourself  "What I am doing, that involves in any form another player, does create disadvantage to others?".

Don't accuse another player of abuse and/or hacking unless you have proof.
If you accuse someone of one or all of these, make sure you have the evidence before contacting the Admin.
If you have information on teaming do not do that on chat, PM the admin on discord. Doing on chat will alert the cheaters.
Do not impersonate an Admin or any other players.
Excessive Trolling, Verbal or written abuse towards another player on the basis of gender, race, etc. will result in a warning or a kick.
General trash talking is allowed to a point, but racism, personal attacks, etc is not.
Racist symbols and signs will result in the player being asked to remove them or banned.
Advertising other servers is not acceptable and will be banned.
No advertising in general.
Flooding and/or spamming the chat, especially in CAPS will result in a warning.
Don't be a dick. This rule is down to the admin's discretion.
Keep the bullshittery down and the shit-talking light hearted.